ReCreating Europe and COMMUNIA: together for European copyright exceptions and limitations


In these lively times for copyright legislation across the EU, the work at ReCreating Europe is proceeding at full steam! We are happy to announce a collaboration with COMMUNIA within the frame of the legal mapping of copyright flexibilities in the EU and the 27 Member States, carried out by our Work Package 2 “End-users and access to culture”.

The synergy between ReCreating Europe and COMMUNIA stems from a fruitful exchange and mutual openness towards building meaningful digital resources of great informative impact and high-profile research quality. Both teams working respectively on the ReCreating Europe’s mapping on copyright flexibilities and COMMUNIA’s page joined efforts in closely following the evolution of EU and national copyright provisions, relying on the expertise and participation of national legal experts, and providing an updated picture of copyright exceptions and limitations across the EU.

ReCreating Europe forthcoming database on copyright flexibilities will make available an unprecedented selection of legal provisions, private ordering mechanisms, and case law for stakeholders, researchers, users, and citizens. COMMUNIA is currently updating its masterful page on copyright exceptions, focusing on current legislative reforms and opening towards expert inputs from any interested users and page visitors. The updated page will be available in May of this year.

The collaboration represents a unique occasion for bringing the research on European copyright exceptions and limitations up to the next level. ReCreating Europe and COMMUNIA are glad to be together in the front line and genuinely committed to raise awareness and facilitate dialogue between national copyright cultures. Besides the resulting datasets that will be soon available online (and advertised on our ReCreating Europe website), further occasions of participation and exchange with stakeholders are about to follow: stay tuned!

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