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University of Trento – Faculty of Law

Established in October 2012, the Faculty of Law of Trento is a department incorporating the educational activity of the Faculty of Law (founded in 1984) and the research activities of the Department of Legal Sciences (founded in January 1987).

The Faculty of Law is composed by 67 professors (29 full professors, 28 associate professors, 10 assistant professors) and 6 fixed-term researchers.

The Faculty hosts also the Doctoral Course in Comparative and European Legal Studies (PhD Program) which started in 2003/2004, by joining the previous PhD courses in Criminal Law (existing since 1991/1992), Comparative Private Law (existing since 1992/1993) and Fundamental Rights in Constitutional, Comparative Administrative and EU Law (existing since 1992/1993).

The Trento Law and Technology Research Group

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