Iris Buunk

(Association of European Research Libraries)

Iris Buunk

Iris Buunk was a Community Engagement and Communications Officer. She was responsible for stakeholder engagement activities related to European projects SSHOC, INOS and reCreating Europe, and supports the communications and outreach activities of LIBER.

Iris has extensive experience in knowledge sharing and information dissemination. Before joining LIBER she worked as a research assistant at the Haute Ecole de Gestion in Geneva, as a research librarian at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics, at the University of Geneva, as a research assistant to support a European project (FP6) with the audio archives of the Swiss National Radio, and as project coordinator in Information Literacy at the rectorate of the University of Lausanne. She has also a solid experience in teaching within the fields of social media and Information Literacy.

Iris has long been an advocate of universal access to knowledge in every form. She considers this to be a major supporting factor for respect of human rights and safe democratic societies. This stance has been strengthened by her experience as a librarian and as a researcher.

Iris has Swiss & Dutch roots and holds a PhD in Information Sciences from the Center for Social Informatics within the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University.