Platforms’ content moderation & accountability – Evaluating the present and looking into the future

Date: 8/12/2022

Time: 10:00-12:30 CET

Venue: Zoom, register here. 

Platforms’ content moderation has been subject to substantive regulatory interventions over recent times; first and foremost with the CDSM Directive and the Digital Services Act (DSA). Time to take a step back and look at accountability – how is the present situation and how should the future look?

Among other topics, we will discuss:

  • Overlaps and missing pieces: Post-DSM Directive and DSA, where do we go from here, what is missing?
  • Transparency: in light of mandatory data access regimes for researchers, how can these be operationalised for the study of content moderation?

Panellists/participants will be announced on an on-going basis.


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This workshop is part of the reCreating Europe work package 6 on intermediaries, where we study the content moderation of online platforms. At this workshop, we will explore content moderation and removal rules at EU and national level and the interplay with the legal framework conditions as well as removal practices’ and technologies’ impact on access and diversity.

The workshop is jointly organised by the University of Bremen’s Platform Governance, Media, and Technology Lab (Christian Katzenbach) and the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Information and Innovation Law (Sebastian Schwemer).