Workshop (9 December) Secondary Publishing Right — Exploring Opportunities and Limitations

Date: 9 December 2021

Time: 10:00 – 11:30 CET


Focusing on the Green Road, this workshop aims to present and discuss the second (or secondary) publication right within the context of scientific publications as a key instrument to implementing Open Access (OA). Five models will be presented from across Europe; Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Belgium.

This workshop is co-organised with members of the reCreating Europe project and LIBER.


The workshop will elaborate on the second publication right which consists of the right to re-publish and communicate a work to the public. This right could be retained by the author by means of contract negotiations (to which disbalancing conditions may apply), but it is rarely applied in the current publishing context.

The right could also be granted by legislation which appears to be a more practicable and sustainable option. At present, only a handful of countries offer such a possibility, still with many limitations, despite the potential of such a right to rebalance the current distorted ecosystem of scientific communication (where scientific authors have little freedom and control over their thoughts and works).

Target Audience

This workshop is specifically tailored for libraries and archives and will include presentations and lively discussions. No prior knowledge of secondary publishing rights is necessary to participate.


* Note that this workshop has been shifted online due to the cancellation of the LIBER Winter Event (9th – 10th December 2021).

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