Thomas Riis

University of Copenhagen

Thomas Riis was in 2010 appointed professor in innovation law and Law & economics at the law faculty, University of Copenhagen. From 2006 to 2010 he was professor in intellectual property law at Copenhagen Business School. He has been a visiting scholar at Columbia University, University of Toronto and University of California at Berkeley. He has published extensively within the fields of innovation law and Law & economics, including his Ph.D. thesis (1996) on the law & economics of copyright and his doctoral thesis (habilitation) (2005) on the enforcement of intellectual property rights in an economic perspective. He takes a special interest in the challenges of digital technology in copyright law and enforcement of intellectual property rights on the internet. He is the National editor of the Nordic Intellectual Property Law Review (NIR) and has previously managed a number of functions outside academia, e.g. as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for the future funding of Danish digital content production and as a member of the Board of Representatives of the Danish Board of Technology.