Laura Serra

Maynoooth University

Laura Serra is a human rights researcher. She is currently working as a Post Doctoral researcher on the Horizon 2020 funded “Rethinking digital copyright law for a culturally diverse, accessible, creative Europe” project on Maynooth University Department of Law.

She is actively involved in women’s rights movements, especially on the rights of disabled women from marginalised communities. Laura is an Argentinean lawyer, has an LL.M in Human Rights and holds a PhD in Human Rights from Charles III University of Madrid (Spain). She is a recipient of the Extraordinary Doctorate Award (2018) for PhD dissertations on the PhD program in Advanced Studies in Human Rights from Charles III University of Madrid as well as of the “Pilar Azcárate” Award for PhD dissertations on gender and equal opportunities.

Before joining Maynooth University, Laura worked at ONCE Foundation (Spain) where she advocated for disabled persons, especially for women and girls with disabilities and managed two Erasmus+ funded programmes on inclusive education.

She also previously worked with the CDLP (NUIG) as a Postdoctoral Researcher on the European Research Council-funded “Voices of Individuals: Collectively Exploring Self-determination” project. At NUIG, she also co-directed the 10th International Disability Law Summer School of the CDLP, “Moving forward: Intersectionality as a tool of social change”.

Laura participated in other national and international human rights projects, in particular in the area of disability and gender studies for the Latin American region, Spain, Ireland and Qatar. Her publications include work on disabled women’s rights, legal capacity, equality and non-discrimination and, sexual and reproductive rights.

Her research interests include intersectionality, equality, gender and disability studies and social movements. She is committed with intersectional feminism and believes in social justice from a participatory approach.