Policy papers

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Papers directed to decision-makers and formulating policy proposals on the basis of reCreating Europe’s research findings.

All of reCreating Europe’s Policy Recommendations can be found in our Final Conference Booklet.

João Pedro Quintais; Christian KatzenbachSebastian Felix SchwemerDaria DergachevaThomas RiisPéter MezeiIstván Harkai (2023). Copyright Content Moderation in the EU: Conclusions and Policy Recommendations. Zenodo.

Giulia DoreRoberto CasoPaolo GuardaMarta Arisi (2023) Final Policy Recommendations for EU Lawmakers. Zenodo

Caterina SgangaCamilla SignorettaPeter MezeiDelia FerriNoelle Higgins (2022) DRAFT Code of Best Practices and Policy Recommendations. Zenodo

van Eechoud, Mireille (2023) D4.3 Copyright territoriality policy recommendations. Zenodo

Marta IljadicaPinar OrucGiulia DoreLaura di NicolaIgnmar PastakHelen EenmaaMarta Arisi (2023) Policy Report – Placemaking and Intellectual Property. Zenodo